The NTSCene Project

The purpose of the NTSCene Project is to bring together, in one place, as much information about the NTSC side of the Commodore 64 underground scene as possible. This includes such aspects as demo production, tool creation, software importing and fixing, software cracking, game development, BBSes, and magazine releases.


  • Moloch - Organizer, Webmaster
  • Carcass - Database Programming, Graphician
  • Kickback - Interviews
  • Dokken - Demo Reviews

Credits and Acknowledgements

Without the help of these individuals, and their projects, the NTSCene website wouldn't exist.

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  • AutoIndex is used for the extensive Archive listings.
  • We're using WikkaWiki, a fine wikiengine, for, well, the Wiki.
  • The news is handled with the help of Greymatter.
  • Everyone that has contributed disk collections to the project, your help is greatly appreciated!
  • The NTSCene logo was created by Carcass.
  • All website layout modifications and script integration is handled by Moloch.